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Whether you are an active tradesperson seeking opportunities, an employer looking for high-quality skilled tradespersons, or you just want to explore the trades, we want to serve you.


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Active Tradesperson

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It doesn’t matter if you are currently working or if you are working and want to find more or different work, if you are a skilled tradesperson we consider you an active tradesperson. Add any more content applicable to active tradespersons here…Click to Get Started!


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We don’t just find people to fill jobs. We have a proven process to recruit qualified candidates, place them effectively, and help retain them for the long term. We believe in helping you find employees who will be with you for the long term. Click to learn about our process.

Explore the Trades

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Are you interested in getting into the trades or searching for a new career path? Maybe you’re already working in the trades and want to further broaden your skillset. Whatever the case, educating and informing people about skilled trades is our passion. Click…

Active Tradespersons

You are much more than a placement to us! We’ve been there – worked with organizations that ask for everything, then forget about you when you’ve stepped up. It doesn’t matter if you’re currently working or looking for your next step, we want to talk with you. We understand the culture and we’ll be straight up with you! If you’ve got skills, you’ve got options… but not every option leads to a happy workplace!

We’re in your corner and will work hard to find the right “fit” for you. Every company’s hiring, but not every company advertises! We can help with the connection to company culture which matches you!


We say it to every customer: “You can hire people, but can you keep them?” If the answer is no, then you’re wasting your investment and damaging your reputation. We can help you find candidates that fit your culture. We’ll also help with developing a process to minimize your turnover and help your bottom line grow!

We prefer to work with companies that take their employment reputation seriously – or aspire to grow into the trades people want to work with! We offer the opportunity for contingent placements OR a more comprehensive consulting approach. Both options are very competitive within the industry!

Explore the Trades

You’re thinking about alternatives to college… you aren’t drawn to desk jobs. You like to “tinker” and you like being active! We’d love to help you learn about the alternative to a college education. Want to learn more about what to expect in the HVAC, Electrical or Plumbing Trades? Interested to learn what career paths exist? Want to know more about the potential income as well? We can help!

Ever since our company kicked off (and before actually – in prior roles) we love to promote the trades and their potential! We’ve been in front of high school & junior High students. We’re open to helping with that in your area as well.

If you’re already headed into the trades, we’re glad to help you identify the right trade school! There are many “for profit” schools out there that over-promise and under-deliver. We’ll share some of the key indicators to help you decide!

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